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About us

InfoCore Co., Ltd. has started in March 2009 in Tokyo, Japan, targeting to provide offerings of products and services in terms of the information technology. The most “centric” part of those enabler is “information core”, this is one of reasons for our company been named “InfoCore”. Recent year, IT becomes more ICT – Information and Communication Technology, and very “core” in our daily life, and this is very true in INTERNET and BROADCASTING (virtual world), as well as in Productions,Logistics&Services world (real world). Information/Data becomes not only huge(big), global and cloud, but also more democratic to all people. Now, we offer variety of IT Solutions, Services and/or Support in terms of utilizing data/information in most effective and productive way in depth; especially in Medical IT, Manufacturing, Logistics and Environment Area. On the other hand, we, InforCore Co., Ltd., are trying to make IT more familiar to all people who are interested in. This is another feature of our corporation, operating the small workshop downtown Tokyo, “NanoLab”.

        Office Location and Phone/Fax Number;


        2-2-24 Hagoromo-cho, Tachikawa-shi, Tokyo 190-0021 Japan
        Phone: (+81)-4-2540-6540
        Fax: (+81)-4-2540-6541

Tokyo Office:

        Kumagai Bulding 4F,
        1-6-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Japan
        Phone: (+81)-3-5577-5195
        Fax: (+81)-50-3627-7070

Workshop: Creator’s Space “Nanolab” http://nanolab.jp/

        Phone: (+81)-3-5577-5849

Nanolab Training Center: http://nano-pro.jp/school/

        Kumagai bldg 3F,
        1-6-3 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021 Japan
        Phone: (+81)-3-6206-0892
        Fax: (+81)-3-6206-0893

Japanese Home Page: http://www.infocore.co.jp
English Home Page: http://www.infocore.co.jp/en/
Re: 81 is the country calling code of Japan.